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Sprucing Up Your Home Office for Spring

A home office should be one of the most inspirational places in your home, but instead it is often messy, uninspiring and one of the most neglected spaces in the home.

While you may have conquered the practicalities of a home office space like a desk and printer, you now want your space to look appealing as well so that you’ll enjoy spending time there.

It can be difficult to spruce up a home office space because it often has multiple functions. Perhaps you have carved out a corner of your bedroom or dining room to use as an office, or maybe you have an entire room dedicated to your home office space. Whatever the case, your home office should reflect your personality.

How can you improve your home office space so that you’ll want to work there rather than the couch, the dining room table or the bed? Keep reading for three tips to improve the look and design of your home office space for spring.

Introduce Color

Color is a great way to break up a space and can make a statement. Choose bold, patterned wallpaper or paint the walls a solid color like green or blue to reflect the calm you want to feel when you’re in the office. Painting the office walls, shelves and ceiling the same color can make a small space feel larger. If you have a bookcase, consider adding wallpaper or painting the back panels.

If you’re not into painting or hanging wallpaper, consider adding a colorful area rug that will pull double duty by absorbing sound and providing visual interest. Hang a photo gallery wall containing pops of color against a neutral background, and include images that you love and that inspire you. Plants can add a splash of green and help boost your mood.

Add Storage Options

Storage space in a home office often doesn’t keep up with demand, and limited storage space can result in a cluttered work zone. Organize your work area to increase productivity with storage options that are not immediately visible from the entrance to the room. Add shelves and paint them a dark color that blends into the walls so that they are less noticeable. Use vertical space by putting cabinets or shelves up to the ceiling and add a wall hanging pin board to organize supplies that are often shoved into a drawer. As you reduce clutter in your workspace, you will be more likely to spend time there.

Invest in a Stand-out Office Chair

When you work in an office, you spend most of your time sitting. Never underestimate the power of a good modern office desk chair for your home workspace. Your chair should be functional as well as have character. Add a colorful chair to your workspace and create a buzz of energy. Consider the function of the chair—will you work in front of a computer all day, do you need a comfortable spot for reading or other offline work, or is it for guests? A leather chair offers the feel of a library, while upright ergonomic office room chairs are for long periods of desk work.

At Office Gallery, we offer office space planning and redesigning services that will help you create an appealing home office space you won’t want to leave at the end of the day and will help increase your productivity.

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