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Conference table and multiple adjustable office workstations

Ancillary Products

Useful and aesthetically pleasing office products that enhance productivity and beautify your workspace.

Office Gallery International Ancillary Moss Biophilic Design

Explore Office Gallery's Ancillary Products

Welcome to our Ancillary Products page, where we bring innovation, style, and functionality to every aspect of your workspace. Our diverse range of ancillary products is thoughtfully curated to complement and enhance your office environment. Discover how Office Gallery's ancillary products can take your office to the next level.

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Office workstations with orange lighting lamps.

Lighting Solutions

Elevate your workspace ambiance with our lighting solutions. We understand the pivotal role that lighting plays in creating a productive and inviting atmosphere. Our lighting products are meticulously designed to enhance your workspace with both functionality and aesthetics in mind. Illuminate your office with our versatile lighting options.

Power Solutions

Power up your productivity with our power solutions. We offer a range of options designed to keep your devices charged and your workspace efficient. Explore our power outlets, charging stations, and cable management solutions, all designed to seamlessly integrate into your workspace.

Blue power outlet on an office desk.
Woman on computer sitting at a conference table listening to man pointing at whiteboard.

Presentation Tools and Visual Boards

Deliver impactful presentations with our A/V tools and media solutions. From lecterns that command attention to media centers that streamline your presentations, we provide the tools you need to convey your message effectively. Enhance collaboration with videosharing tables that encourage dynamic discussions and visual boards for brainstorming sessions and idea sharing.

Display Cases

Showcase your achievements and prized possessions with our display cases. Whether you need a display case for your awards, artifacts, or collectibles, our options combine security with an elegant design.

Office workstation area with a display case
Office lounge area with multiple chairs and sofas

Sound Masking and Acoustic Solutions

Create a peaceful and productive workspace with our sound masking solutions. Reduce distractions and maintain privacy with our sound masking systems that blend seamlessly into your office environment.  Our products include acoustic panels, ceiling baffles, and sound-absorbing materials that help reduce noise levels and create a serene workspace.

Privacy Booths & Pods

Enhance privacy and concentration with our privacy booths and pods. Designed for focused work or private conversations, these solutions provide a quiet retreat within a bustling office.

Two men working in a black office privacy booth
Benches in open room with ceiling plant decorations

Biophilic Design

Embrace nature-inspired design with our biophilic solutions. Incorporate plants, moss walls and natural elements into your workspace to promote well-being and connection with the outdoors.

Space Division | Privacy Panels

Define your workspace with our space division solutions. Partitions and privacy panels that allow for flexible division of space while adding a touch of style to your office.

Privacy Panels in office setting
Two white and blue chairs next to a circular coffee table with blue wall in background


Transform your workspace into a gallery with our art solutions. Explore a curated selection of artwork that inspire creativity and add character to your workspace, reception area and collaborative spaces.

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