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Founded almost thirty years ago, Datasmith provides both consultative and hands-on networking services that reduce downtime, improve security, and increase ROI.

Founded almost thirty years ago, Datasmith provides both consultative and hands-on networking services that reduce downtime, improve security, and increase ROI. Their goal is to insure that company’s technology is maximized to be efficient, productive, ready for growth, and aligned to business priorities. Datasmith’s high-touch approach, coupled with their expertise and management, means clients do not have to worry about a thing.

After being in the same office building in Walpole for nearly 12 years, Paul Smith, the owner of Datasmith, along with George Georgenes, Datasmith’s business operations manager, concluded that their space was not conducive to a harmonious and productive work environment.  In June of 2019, they found a new space at 17 West Street in Walpole – close to their previous location but, at 1,600 square feet, double the size.  Since they were closing the chapter on their previous space, they felt it made sense to invest in new furniture and a new design.  Their next step was to make an appointment with Hilary at Office Gallery.

Paul and George both had some idea of what they wanted but needed guidance. After having a three-hour meeting with Office Gallery, which enabled Hilary to understand more about the company and ensure the best furniture was provided to meet everyone’s needs, George and Paul achieved clarity and decided on an office space design they were both very excited about.

Datasmith’s new space on the second floor of the office building is very open, and features a reception area, shared office work space (for their transient engineering and sales staff that spends much more time on the road with their clients than in the office), two private offices that overlook Walpole center, a conference room, kitchen, and two bathrooms.  

Datasmith’s team was extremely pleased with how the overall layout and design of the office came out.  The move injected a new sense of vibrancy in their business; their team now consistently demonstrates improved levels of collaboration and creativity.  Additionally, instead of meeting clients on the road, Datasmith is now excited to invite guests into the office.

The centerpiece of Datasmith’s new office is, not surprisingly, the conference room.  They selected a solid, light wood conference table with a nice grain, accentuated by eight white leather chairs.  The room also features a big television display, perfect for a variety of gatherings.  The furniture itself works with the branding and services offered of Datasmith – as a tech company, they chose sleek, modern furniture with clean simple lines.

We were very grateful to have the opportunity to create an office design for Datasmith that they are proud of, and that fosters communication and collaboration, which has improved office morale considerably.

“Hilary and the team of Office Gallery made the process of our move and renovation extremely easy by way of helping us make a decision, communicating expectations, and then meeting them consistently and reliably.  We already had two open houses with family and friends to show off the new area and bring a much-needed sense of belonging to our organization.

“When you are not comfortable in your workspace, there is a tendency of not wanting to do anything, but with a nice space around you, you feel positive about everything and are pushed to contribute to the company’s overall growth.  We are thrilled with how Office Gallery helped us to create this inspiring new space.”

~ George Georgenes, business operations manager, Datasmith

17-2 West Street
Walpole, Massachusetts
(508) 668-1936

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