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Upgrading Your Office Space in 2023

Since the pandemic began in early 2020, workers have seen their definition of “office space” change several times. From working remotely full time to shifting to a hybrid scenario to going back to a physical office, many employers have decided to continue giving their employees options about where and how they work.

Even with all these options, the physical office is far from dead. Office occupancy has been steadily increasing since the initial lockdowns of early 2020. To reflect this evolving culture, companies are adjusting to reflect the current needs of their employees.

What are the current trends for office interior design and space planning? Keep reading for four tips to help you create a physical office space employees will enjoy returning to day after day.

Creating a Custom Office Space

Current design trends are focused on custom office spaces created with a specific employee in mind. The key is to find a balance between the needs of the company versus the needs of the employees. Adding tasteful furniture, houseplants and natural light can appeal to employees and help them feel like the office is their home away from home.

Reflecting an Evolving Culture

Because company goals and objectives should reflect an evolving culture, many companies are adjusting their workspaces to increase flexibility and productivity by revising their ratios of assigned-to-shared seating, adding new amenities and creating hybrid work environments. Ensuring the most up-to-date technology is offered alongside in-person activities will enhance employee satisfaction, and providing access to fresh air and sunlight will contribute to overall employee wellness, leading to greater efficiency and productivity.

Incorporation of AI-assisted Designs

AI-assisted technology can provide an opportunity to create spaces that maximize workplace efficiency and productivity. This technology can bridge the gap between your imagination and reality when it comes to design. New office layouts and hybrid workplace designs will be data-driven. With the data at hand, the design team can strategize with the employees who will use these spaces to create an environment that appeals to everyone.

Concept of a “Workresort”

The “workresort” combines all the best aspects of home and the office, creating an efficient and productive office environment that encourages employees to strive for personal career fulfillment while meeting the objectives of the company. Combining the design, aesthetic, comfort and customer service of a hotel with the facilities of an office, a “workresort” offers a variety of options, from a concierge who directs employees to the best spaces for productivity to rooms for brainstorming sessions and quiet time, lounges and balconies for impromptu exchanges and activity spaces for physical activities.

At Office Gallery, we offer office space planning and redesigning services to help you upgrade your office space. As a workstation furniture supplier, we can ensure your office meets the current trends to appeal to employees and company leaders alike.

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