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Designing Your Office Space for the Next Generation

Born between 1997 and 2012, Generation Z graduates began entering the workforce in 2020 just as the pandemic hit. These workers, who are the first generation to grow up entirely with the internet, social media, and apps, have never known what an office environment was like before the pandemic.

This means their expectations of what an office should look like and how an office environment should be are markedly different from earlier generations who experienced pre-pandemic office settings. By contributing thought-provoking ideas, they are challenging the way other generations view work.

Adding Generation Z to the workforce has created a challenge for company leaders as well, who were already working to adapt to new hybrid working models and are now also looking for ways to attract this younger generation to the workforce.

While Gen Z is comfortable with technology and working remotely, they do see the advantages of also working in a physical office space. Keep reading to learn more about the work expectations of Generation Z and three ways to attract them to your company.

An Engaging Physical Environment

The environment plays a huge role in Gen Z’s comfort level with the physical office space. They want an open floor plan so that they can see who is in the office. Benching office furniture is a creative way to efficiently use the space in an open floor plan. Even with an open floor plan, options for privacy should be included for things like closed-door meetings and concentrated deep-work time.

Another way to engage Gen Z with the physical office space is by providing an app or website that allows them to book office space. This gives them a choice about where they work when they come into the office. Bookable or shared workspaces create places for those who may want to come to the office to focus, while still giving them the ability to collaborate with colleagues. This system offers flexible seating arrangements with modern office desk furniture where not everyone will have a designated desk, and the best spaces can be used by any employee who books the space ahead of time.

Enhanced Technology

Generation Z sees technology as an extension of themselves, meaning they will work better with forward-thinking companies that are willing to adapt and change and implement new and innovative technologies. Incorporating shared tablets, interactive screens, and other consumer-quality tech that make work smoother will appeal to Gen Z.

Integrate Workplace Solutions

Integrating tech workplace solutions such as Outlook, Teams, and mobile phone apps will appeal to Gen Z because this type of modern technology solves immediate needs without drastically changing the flow of work.

At Office Gallery, we provide office space planning services to help you appeal to every generation of the workforce. From design to layout to furniture selection, our team can provide insight into ways to incorporate an engaging physical space, enhanced technology and existing tech solutions to make the most of your workplace.

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