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Ver-Tex Construction

Founded in 1985, Ver-Tex is the industry leader in designing and installing window treatments and construction of unique products that improve the lives of its clients by enhancing commercial and residential environments.

Founded in 1985, Ver-Tex is the industry leader for design and installation of window treatments and construction specialties products that improve the lives of their clients by enhancing commercial and residential environments to achieve specific design goals.  They make a promise to their customers to uphold their superior quality standards by honoring their employees and their partners.  They are sincerely focused on how they treat each other, the care in which they design and install products, and how they deliver the best customer experience each and every time.

They had been in a building in Canton with 4,000 square feet of office space for the last 15 years, but by the end of 2017 they were bursting at the seams.  Having been much smaller when they first moved into that location, as the company grew, they added furniture piecemeal, including acquiring cubicles and desk chairs from liquidators just to get people in seats!  The old space also featured one shared conference room (with seating for 10), and their break room doubled as a printing area.  Although the company has shown its resourcefulness with all it could cram into such a small area, the time had come to accommodate the growing team.  A lease was entered into with John Flatley for a new office space in March 2018 on Dan Road in Canton that was more than triple the size of their previous location.

At this point, Brianna Goodwin, Ver-Tex’s president and CEO, began doing research on how best to furnish their new office while staying within their budget.  Office Gallery’s proximity to Ver-Tex made it easy for Brianna to meet with us, and soon after our initial meeting we began working together.

As part of their lease, Ver-Tex was able to build out and design this new space, and we worked hand-in-hand with the Ver-Tex team to ensure that the space worked perfectly for their needs.  As evidenced by the description of their company above, Ver-Tex places great importance on their employees, and it was vital to Brianna that their new office space be furnished in such a way that their employees felt supported and comfortable and could be creative, as well as one that had plenty of spaces with varying levels of privacy needs.

As a result, we replaced their one 10-person, thinly-walled conference room with multiple shared spaces of all sizes and for a variety of uses – including a relaxation room and “phone booth” for private phone conversations.  We also helped them install a sound-masking system that not only prevents conversations from carrying but also helps everyone feel less distracted by reducing ambient noise.

One of the biggest changes employees saw was in their own personal workspaces.  Now, instead of seats and desks being squeezed in wherever they could fit, employees were outfitted with cubicles that included comfortable seating as well as some additional acoustic considerations while offering a combined modern/retro look by featuring gray wood paneling with aluminum accents and frosted glass as well as colored fabric surfaces.

We truly enjoyed partnering with Ver-Tex, consulting with them to make sure that the design of their new space was meeting all of their goals while also paying attention to their budget so that they could feel comfortable and confident in their new space.  We look forward to their continued success!

“We are beyond satisfied with our experience with Office Gallery.  Their focus on service and relationships meshed with our company philosophy, their respect for our budget made me feel like we were in a partnership, and their design expertise created an end result that came out awesome!”

~Brianna Goodwin, President and CEO, Ver-Tex Construction

Ver-Tex Construction
45 Dan Road, Suite 350
Canton, Massachusetts

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