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Client of the Month: MENTOR

Founded in 1990, MENTOR: The National Mentoring Partnership is a national non-profit leading and unifying the youth mentoring field.

201 South Street, Suite 615
Boston, Massachusetts

Founded in 1990, MENTOR: The National Mentoring Partnership is a national non-profit leading and unifying the youth mentoring field. Their mission is to fuel the quality and quantity of mentoring relationships for America’s young people.  When they were found nearly 30 years ago, there was an estimated 300,000 youth with mentors outside of their family. Today, due to hard work and great progress, 4.5 million youth now have structured mentoring relationships while growing up.

When the team at MENTOR started looking for a new, bigger space, they researched local places to assist with the new furniture and overall design of the space.  MENTOR reached out to Erin at Office Gallery, who responded right away and with a lot of enthusiasm to help them.

Erin went into MENTOR to meet their team, learn more about their organization, and to discover how they wanted their space to feel.  MENTOR’s new space is on the sixth floor of their building, and consists of two office spaces next to each other – one was their previous office and the other was empty. They moved out of their office, knocked down the wall and completely gutted the space to make it much more open for their team. The entire space was redesigned with the help of Office Gallery to make the area seem brand new and perfectly fit their needs.

We helped MENTOR with the overall layout of the space, designing it in a way that reinforces the importance they place on working together, and makes collaborating with each other an easy task.  We ensured that there would be a fun and exciting vibe when you entered their space, which was created by on-brand pops of color throughout, an interesting and welcoming entry space, and open work areas.

Additionally, they decided on having two conference rooms – one being a little larger and more formal than the other – and each senior leader was assigned an office, designed in a way that still keeps to the organization’s values of working collaboratively front and center.  In fact, each room has specifically chosen furniture with everything employees need to work and connect with others.

The MENTOR team was extremely pleased with their new work space, and excited to finally have a space that reflected who they are and the values they hold as an organization. They work with many national and corporate organizations, but at the end of the day, their main focus is to serve young people, and their new space – inviting and accessible – is perfect for that.  

We truly enjoyed partnering with MENTOR, and working together with them to ensure all of their needs were met to continue their success as an organization. We are grateful we were given the opportunity to work with such a terrific organization, and we look forward to their continued growth and success.

“Office Gallery truly made this process of expanding our office space and catering it to our needs exceptionally easy! Erin did an amazing job familiarizing herself with our organization, our employees, and our needs in order to design a perfect space for us. Every day I walk into the office, it feels like an extension of who we are. We are so pleased with the awesome office space we have now!”

~Sarah Jasinski, chief of staff at MENTOR

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