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Adding Acoustics to Your Office Space

Offices can be loud places, with many different kinds of noises competing for attention. These sounds are reflected, transmitted and absorbed throughout your office space. Acoustics is the study of sound and how it travels, and adding good acoustics as part of office space planning and redesigning will help absorb sound waves and reduce noise.

One way to do this is by installing acoustic panels—large fabric-wrapped boards that are designed to control echo and reverberation in a room. They are becoming increasingly popular and are a good investment for your workplace.

What exactly are acoustic panels, and what are the benefits of adding them to your office? Keep reading to learn more about these panels and why they are right for your workplace.

Acoustic Panels

These lightweight panels, usually made of polyester fiber or mineral wood, decrease noise and help improve speech intelligibility so that employees can hear each other better.

Acoustic panels come in a variety of shapes and sizes. When looking for acoustic panels, it’s important to choose ones that are designed to absorb sounds and vibrations. Simply adding rugs to a room may not give you the results you need.

Compared to other soundproofing solutions, acoustic panels are relatively inexpensive. They can be easily installed, making them a cost-effective way to improve the acoustics of your workplace.

Concentration + Productivity

Offices are filled with noise—phones ringing, people talking, keyboards clacking. Acoustic panels help absorb these sound waves, resulting in less distraction and improved concentration for employees. In turn, productivity increases because employees can focus on the task at hand and are not constantly interrupted by noise.

Acoustic panels can also reduce the amount of echo in a workspace, which makes it easier for employees to hear and understand each other. When employees can communicate effectively, this can lead to better decision making and problem solving.

Nice Aesthetic

In addition to reducing noise, acoustic panels can bring a nice aesthetic to the office. Panels are available in a variety of colors and patterns that can be used to create a stylish yet functional look. They can be custom made to fit your office space using office interior design services and can further improve the look and feel of your workplace. Not only does this improve employee morale, but it also leaves clients or customers with a good impression of your workplace.

Improved Privacy

Acoustic panels can provide increased privacy in shared office spaces by reducing excess noise levels caused by conversations and other distractions. They can also protect against audio leakage that can occur from monitors and microphones during video conferences.

With Office Gallery’s office interior design and space planning service, we can provide the assistance you need to add acoustic panels that are right for your workplace.

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