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The New Office

Fully remote? Full-time in person? Hybrid?

Fully remote?  Full-time in person?  Hybrid?  As offices navigate who will be working where and when, a new office is being reimagined – one being made up of a range of seating, spaces that look more like living rooms, and even designated neighborhoods!

For organizations that are embracing these various hybrid options, there is much to rethink.  Because everyone might not be working the standard eight hours in the office, traditional desks are being replaced with furniture selections based on the postures matrix, or the amount of time a person is imagined working on a certain task, combined with the amount of ergonomics to support that.

As a result, offices are featuring non-traditional seating set-ups and co-working spaces that are replacing the more traditional concept of one person, one desk.  Teams are frequently assigned to “neighborhoods,” which offer a mix of alternative workspaces and traditional desks.

Even the entryways of bigger organizations are being rethought.  Instead of a traditional lobby, you might walk in and find a café or some other qualities that help this initial space feel very social and energetic.  Conference rooms too are reflecting the fact that not all participants will be together in-person – as a result, a mix of comfortable seating and work surfaces are replacing the traditional leather chairs and large table, making the space look more like a living room.  These efforts are taking away the formality of the staid conference room, and instead making sure everyone feels welcome and seen.  To ensure the latter, the new conference room is also packed with technological equipment that allows virtual attendees to seem more a part of the space, and allows them to see and hear as if they were sitting right there.  

The new office is meant to be a welcoming place for employees when they need to (or want to) be present there, but is also meant to offer flexibility to best support a wide range of purposes.  Successful organizations are embracing the opportunity the new office allows for experimentation, and also offers for adjusting as needed to optimize the outcomes.

Our team members at Office Gallery are experts in the new office.  Call, email, or stop by today to let us show you what’s possible.

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