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Teal Accents & Fun Fabrics: Waltham Office Design That Inspires

Snapdragon Chemistry of Waltham, MA started their journey as a small start-up. Office Gallery initially furnished their start up office space. As they experienced tremendous growth, Snapdragon Chemistry decided to relocate their facility. This case study showcases the successful partnership between Office Gallery and Snapdragon Chemistry in creating a cohesive workspace

THE CHALLENGE: Furnishing an Office Space to Accommodate Snapdragon's Growth

Snapdragon Chemistry's growth led them to seek a new office space that could accommodate all their employees under one roof. The challenge was to create a cohesive space that combined private offices, workstations, and collaborative areas while reflecting the company's identity and values.

Uniting Employees Under One Roof: Creating a Cohesive Workspace for Snapdragon Chemistry

Office Gallery's goal was to design a workspace that unified Snapdragon's employees and fostered collaboration. Working closely with the client, Molly, our project manager, stretched their comfort zone and curated a unified space with functionality and great color, all pulled from their logo. This approach ensured that the office space aligned with their brand and created a sense of unity among the team.

THE SOLUTION: Function and Color, Stretching Comfort Zones for a Unified Office Space

Neutral colors formed the foundation of the office design, allowing for versatility and timeless aesthetics. Splashes of teal accents and fun fabrics added pops of color and personality to the workspace. By incorporating these elements, Office Gallery created an office environment that was both inspiring and conducive to productivity.

THE RESULTS: Teal Accents and Fun Fabrics: Inspiring Office Design for Snapdragon's Operations

The use of teal accents and fun fabrics injected energy and visual interest into the office space. These design elements not only reflected Snapdragon's vibrant culture but also inspired employees and visitors alike. The cohesive color scheme and carefully selected furniture brands further enhanced the overall aesthetics and functionality of their workspace.

Snapdragon's office furniture project was completed in multiple stages to accommodate their increasing employee count. Office Gallery's expertise in managing growth ensured a seamless transition and allowed for flexibility throughout the process. The combination of exclusive furniture brands, including Clear Design, Sitonit and more contributed to the success of creating a functional and visually appealing office space.

IOF Standard Height Round Tables
“Cosmo” Workstation Tables by Tayco.
More “Cosmo” Workstation Tables by Tayco.


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