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Design & Function in Senior Living: Fox Hill's Success with Office Gallery

We have had the pleasure of working with Fox Hill, a senior living community in Westwood, MA, for many years. Having furnished nearly all of their executive offices, when they needed an update, they once again turned to Office Gallery. This case study highlights the successful partnership and transformation of Fox Hill's office spaces.

THE CHALLENGE: Office Update for an Elevated Brand: Enhancing Fox Hill's Client-Facing Spaces

All office spaces at Fox Hill are client facing and must reflect the elevated brand image that the community upholds. The challenge was to create an office environment that exuded sophistication and showcased the high standards that Fox Hill represents.

Timeless Desking Solutions: Selecting the Perfect Fit for Fox Hill's Offices

Office Gallery recommended three h furniture systems for all of Fox Hill's desking and workstations. The deciding factor was the exceptional finishes that three h produces, allowing for the creation of a soothing palette that will stand the test of time. This choice ensured that Fox Hill's office spaces achieved a timeless aesthetic while maintaining functionality and practicality.

THE SOLUTION: Muted Palette with Navy Accents -Creating a Soothing and Sophisticated Environment

Working alongside Fox Hill's in-house designer, we developed a muted palette with navy accents. This color scheme brought a sense of sophistication and tranquility to the office spaces, creating a welcoming environment for clients. By updating the furnishings, we were able to enhance the overall design and functionality, elevating the office experience.

THE RESULTS: Design & Functionality: Brightening and Updating Fox Hill's Furnishings

The collaboration between Office Gallery and Fox Hill resulted in brightened office spaces and updated furnishings. The use of navy accents brought vibrancy and visual interest, enhancing the overall appeal. The careful selection of furniture, paired with the soothing color palette, achieved a harmonious blend of design and functionality that reflected the elevated brand image of Fox Hill.

Transforming Senior Living Offices: A Case Study in Design and Function

This case study exemplifies the successful transformation of senior living offices in partnership with Fox Hill. By embracing design principles that combine aesthetics and functionality, Office Gallery created a sophisticated and welcoming environment for clients and employees alike. The collaboration showcased the power of well-executed office furnishing in elevating the senior living experience.


Ready to Elevate Your Senior Living Offices? Contact Office Gallery for Custom Office Solutions!

If you're inspired by the office transformation achieved at Fox Hill, Office Gallery is here to help. We specialize in creating tailored office solutions that elevate aesthetics, functionality, and brand representation. Contact us today to discuss your senior living office furnishing project and unlock the full potential of your workspace.

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