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Revitalizing an Office Space in Franklin, MA: A Rustic Industrial Chic Transformation

Jay Brian Transport (JBT), a prominent client of Office Gallery since 2010, faced a significant challenge when their rapid growth necessitated a move to a larger office space in Franklin, MA. This case study showcases how Office Gallery successfully transformed their new office, combining rustic industrial charm with modern functionality.

THE CHALLENGE: JBT'S Growth Outpaced Their Office Space

JBT quickly outgrew their previous office, prompting the search for a larger space in Franklin, MA. The former mill they acquired presented both opportunities and challenges for creating an office that catered to their expanding team's needs.

The Former Mill: Unveiling the Potential for a Captivating Workspace in Franklin

Upon discovering the new office space, project manager Molly Robertson was enthralled by its unique features. The open plan layout, rustic ambiance, unfinished industrial ceilings, exposed brick, and expansive windows overlooking a courtyard offered immense potential for a remarkable office transformation.

THE SOLUTION: Crafting a Vibrant Rustic Industrial Chic Workspace

Molly, equipped with her design expertise and armed with JBT's brand guidelines, embarked on creating a warm and vibrant workspace. By incorporating splashes of orange and electric blue, along with warm greys and espresso finishes, she harmonized the aesthetic elements throughout the office. Molly ensured the seamless integration of existing workstations from three h furniture systems while introducing new stations to maintain consistency.

THE RESULTS: From Concept to Completion: Unveiling the Captivating Transformation

To complement the rustic industrial theme, KFI Studios was selected for their industrial natural wood tables supported on iron bases. This choice enhanced the overall ambiance, embracing the trend of repurposing old industrial spaces into modern work environments.

Molly's attention to detail extended beyond furniture selection. Guiding JBT in choosing suitable flooring, wall colors, and ceiling colors, she ensured every element coordinated harmoniously. The end result was a cohesive and inspiring workspace that reflected the company's growth and brand identity while fostering productivity and collaboration.


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If you're inspired by the transformative results achieved in JBT'S office makeover, Office Gallery is here to help. We specialize in creating customized office solutions that align with your brand, optimize productivity, and create inspiring work environments. Contact us today to discuss your office transformation project.

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