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Investing in Remote Employees

More organizations are allowing flexibility in where their employees work – at home, in the office, or some mix of both.

More organizations are allowing flexibility in where their employees work – at home, in the office, or some mix of both.  As these decisions are no longer short-term but rather a new way of approaching work, it makes sense to treat them as such – and prepare workspaces accordingly.

For those employees working from a remote location, we’re seeing organizations offer to cover the costs of home office furniture and even design services.  While at first this may seem like an unnecessary expense for a company, some organizations are actually realizing bigger savings with a remote workforce, and so therefore don’t mind this one-time or occasional expense.  In fact, according to a recent study, employees who might move if given the opportunity to work fully remote would be willing to take a pay cut tied to the local cost of living in their new residence.

Given this, it makes sense to take some funds from this longer-term savings and put it toward supporting remote employee well-being by funding a new desk, chair, storage units, and even an overall home office design.  By providing these amenities, an organization not only shows that it cares about its employee by investing in quality products that enhance comfort and productivity, but also has an opportunity to carry the feel of the company into the home office, by matching colors with the overall brand or choosing furniture that is similar to pieces found in the company office.  

With so many organizations offering a remote option, and so much competition between organizations to attract qualified candidates, this type of support can also be a differentiator, tipping the scales for prospective employees in their direction.  Likewise, making this kind of investment demonstrates concern for an employee’s overall well-being, which can help increase employee retention rates too.

If you’re thinking about providing this kind of support for your employee workforce, reach out to Office Gallery.  With our 30-plus years of experience designing both home and corporate offices, we can help you with all your workspace needs.

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