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Feels Like Home

As employees go back into the office after two years of working at home, they want their office space to resemble their home, with all the comforts they’ve become used to.

In turn, company leaders have started outfitting office spaces to resemble home, with sofas and plush chairs along with traditional office room chairs in conference rooms, in an effort to lure employees back to the physical office full time.

To describe this new design style that merges home and office, designers have coined a new term: “resimercial,” which is a combination of the words residential and commercial. The key to a resimercial office is comfort, with company leaders attempting to execute an at-home vibe in the workplace.

How can you incorporate resimercial office design into your workplace to make employees more comfortable? Keep reading to learn more about how to design and balance residential and commercial elements in your office.

Balancing Resimercial Elements in Your Workplace

While this new design trend is appealing to workers, resimercial designs should still meet the requirements of a traditional office space—namely, a space that’s designed to increase productivity.

Quiet Spaces

While some workers have been in noisy home spaces with kids, spouses, and pets and may relish a quieter office environment, the opposite is true for others who have gotten used to a quiet home environment and may experience culture shock when returning to a noisy, bustling office. Balance can be found by providing private phone booths and pods for times when quiet is essential as well as lively common areas and well-stocked open-plan kitchens for interacting with coworkers.

Focus on Health

Company leaders are taking notice of the overall effect that the physical office space has on their employees’ health. With health becoming more of a focus in recent years, major companies are rethinking their approach to wellness by adding areas such as mental wellness rooms and outdoor spaces so that employees can enjoy some fresh air and sunshine while they work.

Incorporating Elements of Home

Many companies are adding more elements that are traditionally found at home, such as more inviting and comfortable workstation office furniture, soft ambient lighting, area rugs, lamps, TVs and succulents. These items can help bridge the gap between the home and office. Resimercial spaces are designed to encourage people to move throughout the day and be more engaged in their workplace.

At Office Gallery, we can help create a resimercial workspace that provides the comforts of home with the efficiency of the office. With our office space planning & redesigning service, we offer the assistance you need to design a workplace that will appeal to all of your employees.

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