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Client Profile: eCratchit Nonprofit

eCratchit is a leading provider of web-based, outsourced accounting solutions managed by experienced staff accountants and CPAs located in Hingham, MA.

eCratchit is a leading provider of web-based, outsourced accounting solutions managed by experienced staff accountants and CPAs.  Their name represents the combination of old-world reliability and diligence (represented in Bob Cratchit of Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol”) with new-world secure technology of 24/7 access and control.  eCratchit’s mission is to allow managers and business owners to spend more time managing their companies and focusing on their core competencies by relieving them of the daily burden of overseeing the accounting and bookkeeping functions.  Serving start-ups, small and medium-size businesses, and nonprofit organizations and conceived and managed by CPAs, eCratchit integrates technology solutions with proven accounting processes and expertise to deliver a cost-effective alternative to traditional in-house bookkeeping departments.

eCratchit is located in an office building in Hingham that was a new construction in 2017.  When the organization first moved in, they had an initial designer prepare some of the space (just under 4,000 square feet in total), with the thought that they would also rent out the space they didn’t need.  Quickly, though, they realized they would need that space, so Darcy Conlin, the firm’s administrator, went about getting it ready.

“I knew we needed workstations,” she recalled, “and I literally went online and Googled ‘office furniture,’ which is how I found Office Gallery.  Hilary was so amenable, friendly, and easy to work with, right from the beginning!”

In general, accounting firms have a reputation of looking staid and traditional, but eCratchit has a very unique, somewhat funky, space and feel.  “I don’t have an eye for design – I run HR and personnel – but at the same time, our owner really wants eCratchit to look a certain way and have a unique, fun feel.  Hilary has been able to help me creatively, starting with the first project we brought Office Gallery in for and then continuing through all the others with this same look and feel, making my job so much easier,” said Darcy.  That first project encompassed adding four new workstations on the first floor of the building, in a space that did not currently include workstations and that featured a funky support for the ceiling in the middle of the space.  Hilary and the Office Gallery team worked with eCratchit to figure out what they needed while complementing the current look and working within the constraints of the original room design.

eCratchit was so happy with the work areas (which were installed in the summer of 2019) that they continue to work with Office Gallery on other office design projects.  The next challenge was rebuilding a small empty space into a tiny – but still effective – conference room., which is known as “the Fishbowl” because of its glass walls.

Office Gallery helped eCratchit think through the seating and how the room would work.  They selected chairs on casters that have a piece that flips up and can become a desk if needed.  They’re slightly lower to the ground, which makes them work better for this space, and their bright blue, subtly pattered fabric match the overall nautical theme represented in the room.  The room also features a white wave wall, made up of 3D tilework; the wall opposite the wave wall features a small, custom-size credenza that is white with navy blue glass (matched perfectly to the Benjamin Moore paint color of the other walls).

In addition to the Conference/Fishbowl Room, Office Gallery also worked on updating the furniture in three of eCratchit’s executive offices.  New sit-to-stand desks, chairs, credenzas, and overhead storage space were determined for the spaces, making each office a more productive workspace while complementing the overall feel of the business.

The look of eCratchit can be described as industrial chic – the business features finished concrete floors on the first floor, with lots of grays and whites throughout the space.  The executive offices have sliding glass barn doors with white trim, and while the workstations are white and teal on the second floor, the downstairs space features a navy and white color scheme.

Now, eCratchit and Office Gallery are working on their third project together – coming up with a better solution for the placement of three printers and a scanner, which are currently sitting on filing cabinets.

In between projects, Darcy found a trip to the Office Gallery showroom incredibly helpful, introducing her to many other innovative designs and possibilities – like sound-masking.

“I feel like Hilary and I collaborate on various different things,” says Darcy.  “She’s so great about sharing information, sharing vendors, and sharing her experiences regarding what works and what doesn’t work.  This collaborative aspect to the relationship is so nice – I feel like it goes beyond the usual client relationship.  I can ask her opinion and get an honest answer; I can trust her.

“I’ve gotten to know the delivery crew as well,” adds Darcy.  “They’re always timely, and always friendly.  On one delivery, they noticed that one of the pieces of frosted glass was cracked.  They were immediately on it and took care of it right away, getting it replaced with no inconvenience to me whatsoever.  They’re seamless, and they make my job easy as a result!”

We love working with Darcy and the eCratchit team – they have a fantastic business model, and they take such a fun yet professional approach to what they do and how they do it.  Their warm and efficient culture is projected in their workspace, and we’re glad to help continue to develop that feel!

“What I like so much about working with Hilary is she always comes up with great solutions.  I can talk through what I like about a space and what I don’t like, and she can interpret this and work with those ideas.”
~Darcy Conlin, Firm Administrator

eCratchit, Inc.
2 Sharp Street, Unit B
Hingham, Massachusetts

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