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Our purpose has been the same throughout: to provide furnishings, objects, that help make people’s lives more productive, more pleasing, and more measured economy for budget and environment. We must configure OUR resources in a way that best serves THEM, rather than prescribe what is best for them.

This elevated the importance of the architect, interior designer, facilities manager, or whomever was entrusted with helping define the client’s needs. Our responsibility was to make available to them the resources and knowledge accumulated over decades, through countless projects and product applications.

Our formula is simple, which is not to say unsophisticated (simplicity is distillation). We start with the talents of the best industrial designers we can find. Their charge is to generate ideas that are pleasing and maximize our capabilities but, far more importantly, engage the client and their designer in a discussion about client needs. Our fabrication and information systems are designed to flex parametrically with what the client needs. This allows for considerable customization without interruption to normal production flow and undue cost. Our products are not just a basket of SKU’s from which a customer chooses, but are configured from a base level set of components and processes that can be deployed quickly and efficiently per the requirements of a project. To that end, what we offer is not so much just products but a profound capacity to solve client problems/challenges. All we need to do is listen for the fundamentals.

Over the past half century, through the ebb and flow of design trends and business cycles, the contract furniture industry was born and has matured. Interior design itself has become a profession in its own rite, heightening the importance of design in the American workplace. Today, TUOHY has earned a national and international position as a premier provider of high-end design and manufacturing for executive workplace furnishings. Much of what TUOHY’s products and services are today has been driven first by the collective voices of designers and customers worldwide, and our comprehension of what they are saying to us. Our mission is to pair their dreams for a better workplace with our deployment of the Midwestern ethic that defines us, to make those inspirations become a reality.

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