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Client Profile: Joe Warren & Sons

Joe Warren & Sons Co., Inc. is a family-owned business and leading provider of unparalleled commercial refrigeration and food equipment services. They are committed to advancing the food industry and helping their customers reduce energy costs, increase productivity and output, and improve safety through quality refrigeration and food equipment services.

Joe Warren & Sons Co., Inc. is a family-owned business and leading provider of unparalleled commercial refrigeration and food equipment services.  Established in 1991, they service the entire commercial kitchen and refrigeration equipment by providing the highest quality, 24/7 technical expertise, installation, equipment service and maintenance, consultation and sales to institutions, corporate enterprises and direct end users.

After years of steady growth, Joe Warren & Sons is a thriving business with 50 employees, including 30 full-time credited technicians and 20 administrative support associates; the company operates over 25 vehicles on the road and provides 24-hour service to all of New England.  To accommodate this growth, Joe Warren & Sons moved earlier in 2018 from their previous 18,000-square-foot location into a new, state-of-the-art 31,000-square-foot facility.

Office Gallery has worked with JWS on a few smaller projects over the last couple of years as they gradually added new employees, and was called into action once the company closed on its new space.  To get a better sense of where they were and how they functioned currently, as well as where they were headed and what their future needs might look like, we set out on some initial observations by walking both the former space and the new space.  We quickly realized what this new space would need to offer – warehouse space, training space, a conference room, collaborative work spaces, vestibules, and private offices.  We met at our showroom several times and discussed options for all these different workspace environments while reviewing a variety of samples and designs in store.

We also talked a lot about how the furniture should be situated and designed work spaces that made the most sense to them while also factoring in external issues, such as windows and the potential glare of natural light.  We coordinated with the architect as well as the general contractor and low-voltage vendor, making sure details like wiring and equipment were considered, and getting some of the furniture in before the carpeting was installed.  

The Big Reveal!

We also assisted JWS with the aesthetics of the furniture and accessories, in addition to the functions. We picked out finishes and coordinated with the architect to ensure that everything tied together – ink selections, base coats, carpeting.   We also made sure that the JWS brand is reflected in their work spaces – sound masking boards were selected in accent colors aligned with the company logo and branding, and pieces that were black and red were specifically selected to work well with the bold red double doors with a black frame, as well as their transaction tops.  We also ensured the custom millwork finish would match the furniture too.

We are excited to watch their continued success in this new space!

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