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On September 10th, 2020

A Fresh Start: Reopen Your Office with Safety in Mind

Fall is finally in the air – and the invigorating cooler days and nights can serve as a reminder to refresh the look and feel of office spaces now that many companies are reopening their doors to employees who for the past months have worked remotely from home.

Yes, the fourth quarter of 2020 is fast approaching – and for so many us, it’s a year we are more than happy to see exit! So, in keeping with an “out with the old, in with the new” mantra, let’s explore a few ways to outfit your office, with safety in mind, once reopened.

Germ reduction is the name of the game in this era of COVID-19, so modifications to existing office furniture are definitely on the rise. In recent years, benching systems have seen a sharp increase in popularity; these open-concept workstations are perfect for employees coming into the office for a limited time, in contrast to full-time staff members located in the office for the majority of their hours.

But the need to modify the density of such seating to maintain safe social distancing could present a challenge. Here is where properly placed plexiglass dividers can come into play. After all, it’s not necessary to completely eliminate a seating system that works – if appropriate safety protocol can be maintained.

Some offices may deem it best to return to cubicle arrangements, but they don’t have to be those “back in the day” layouts that promote a sense of isolation (the very last thing we need these days!). Cubicles are now available with modernized streamlined design, frosted glass walls, and surfaces that offer acoustic properties.

Design ideas to refresh office space include new floor plans to make social distancing more comfortable or the addition of elements such as glass or higher screens to workstations. Sneeze guards, office partitions, panel extenders for workstations, plexiglass shields for reception desks and cubicle and workstation dividers are some of the products and solutions that can transform a pre-pandemic office into a “new normal” environment where form, function and above all the health and welfare of its occupants is the priority.

For more ideas on how to make the reopening of your office safe and visually satisfying, explore our products!

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