When Technology Influences Office Design and Layout

Here at Office Gallery, it’s fairly common this time of year to hear from businesses that are inspired by the spring to change up their office design.  The spring cleaning we all seem to do at home oftentimes translates into new looks for office and reception spaces as well.

What Sort Of Desks Fit Your Workforce?

One of the biggest variables that will impact your design is the type of technology you’re currently using (as well as planning to use in the future).  Does your office need spaces that fit desktop computers with separate hard drives?  Do you have a more transient workforce that comes in occasionally and plugs in their laptop to work for a couple of hours at a time?  Maybe you don’t need a workspace that can fit the Wang computers of old, but knowing what kind of space you do need (separate desks versus workbenches, for example), and what you’re going to use it for, is vital to creating a clean, well-functioning, and efficient workspace.

Document Storage and Filing

Document storage is another important consideration.  Does your office scan documents, or physically store them?  This is going to determine how many filing spaces your office needs to contain.  Most offices are also beginning to streamline their document technology in other ways – instead of separate printers, copiers, scanners and fax machines, many businesses are realizing they don’t have the need for all these capabilities or are investing in a multi-purpose machine that can be networked to serve as several people’s printer – and fax, copier and scanner all in one.  Some still have the need for separate machines as well though – either way, it’s important to take stock in what devices an office has and where they need to be relative to their primary users.

Our office furniture showroom is a great place to come and stroll through while thinking of ideas for your office space and realizing the possibilities.  Visit our showroom by taking a virtual tour on our web site or come visit today!

For Mom, in Honor of Mother’s Day

Last month, I was honored to be named a 2018 Outstanding Woman of Family Business by The Warren Group editorial board.  What made the event even more special than the recognition itself was being able to share it with my family, including my husband, my sisters, and my mother, all by my side.

Although she doesn’t work in the office furniture industry, or in retail, my mother has taught me volumes, including many lessons that shape my experiences every day.  One of the biggest lessons I learned from my mom was how to treat others – in her interactions with others, especially those she has only first met, she conveys kindness, honesty, and genuine interest, all while letting her good sense of humor shine through.  For those she knows well and is especially close with, she exudes love and respect – we always know how much we mean to her (and that’s a wonderful feeling!).

She also has a great sense of style, and helped mold mine from an early age.  I owe my appreciation for and talent with design in large part to her.

Although I’ve never worked with my mom in a professional sense, I have learned from her how to treat my co-workers, and my clients.  It is this early and continual influence that has made me the woman I am today.

On Mother’s Day, and every day – thanks mom!