New Year, New (Office) You?

With the new year upon us, many people are taking time to reflect on ways to be their best selves, and to improve their overall wellness.  Usually the focus on these kind of self-improvements is limited to home life, but there is a myriad of office furniture designs that can also contribute to overall wellness.  Sit-stand desks are one option we’ve discussed previously; ergonomic office chairs are another great option, as are commercial design services that can come into an office and better manage actions and movements like twisting around at an office desk or stretching or squatting to reach office cabinets.

In fact, at Office Gallery International, we offer office design services that incorporate Tecslate, an interactive widescreen display that provides a way for clients to see exactly what their redesigned office will look like as opposed to the older, traditional means of sketching on graph paper and taping a section the floor of an office.  This way, we have a better sense of the challenges and areas of improvement for an office, and our clients have a clear visual of what their newly designed office should look like.  The only surprise is how realistic everything compares to the design!

If you’re looking for office furniture that goes a step beyond original function and really considers the person who will use the furniture, then we invite you to come to the Office Gallery International showroom in Norwood and see what we can offer that will contribute to the wellness of you and your employees!

Keep Your New Year’s Resolution While You Work With a Standing Desk

One of the most common New Year’s resolutions centers around wellness – exercising more, losing weight, eating healthy.  It’s always easy to start working toward these goals, especially if you’re still on vacation.  But once you get into the regular work week, and the stresses that can come along with that, with the happy holidays fading in the background, it’s easy to stray from your good intentions.

BUT – what if there was office furniture that made it easier to stick to these resolutions, and that contributed to your overall wellness year-round?  In fact, many office design services are now taking wellness into account, and are incorporating positive health aspects into the office furniture.  

One option that continues to grow in popularity among offices of all shapes and sizes is the standing desk.  This desk allows users the option of heeding the advice of those who warn of the health risks that may come from sitting for several hours every day by raising their workspace so that they can stand and work comfortably.  (This is also a great option for people who suffer from back issues.)  Conveniently, the desk lowers easily as well, offering a traditional seated work space for those times when sitting makes more sense or is more desirable.  

Standing desk designs can easily be incorporated into all corporate furniture, and our office design services staff can help you find the one that works best for you – and your New Year’s resolution!